Hosted Services

Readability Test
The readability test analyses a Web page to determine how readable it is.
Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser
The luminosity colour contrast ratio analyser tests whether the contrast between the background and the foreground is sufficient.
Image Analyser
The image analyser tests Web pages to ensure that images have been specified properly.

Greasemonkey User Scripts

Form Help
A configurable Greasemonkey user script that allows textarea controls to be resized to suit the user's preference, and allows dropdown lists to optionally be permanently expanded to the user's preference.
Heading Navigation
A configurable Greasemonkey user script that allows keyboard navigation to headings. Headings can either be navigated by the heading level, for example, all h2 elements, or by any level.
Manage Access Keys
A Greasemonkey user script that displays the access keys on a web page, along with a facility to edit them to suit the preferences of the user.

Firefox Extensions

Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar
The toolbar enables developers to examine WAI-ARIA live regions roles and properties, examine data tables, and determine if the colour contrast is sufficient.