The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) announced last Friday that WCAG 2.0 has become a candidate recommendation.

Author: Gez Lemon

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG) finally became a candidate recommendation last Friday. The news came as a surprise to the web accessibility community, as it was rumoured that the working group received a considerable number of comments from the last draft that needed addressing before the guidelines could move to candidate recommendation. Fortunately, Oli Farlop, a well-respected accessibility expert, rose to the challenge and offered his services to the WCAG working group. After a gruelling 48-hour stint on the guidelines, checking comments were dealt with sufficiently, the removal of some success criteria, and addition of a few others, Oli declared WCAG 2.0 good to go.

Category: Accessibility.


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    Is it true that the name "Oli Farlop" is a crypto-anagram of joe clak?

    Posted by milky puddings on

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    I clicked on the links in blogs leading me to an infinite loop without hope of me reaching the "official" WCAG 2.0 guidelines...

    My conclusion? It's an April fools joke!

    Posted by Marty on

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    "Is it true that the name "Oli Farlop" is a crypto-anagram of joe clak?"

    Oli Farlop...
    *shuffle shuffle*
    ...April Fool

    Posted by Jan Tore on

  4. [wcag2surpriserelease.php#comment8]

    *smile* Excellent! I panicked at first and thought, "How are we ever going to rebench the tests before the next release?" Luckily, my daughter serving me green eggs and ham reminded me of the date...and identity of Oli Farlop. Thanks!

    Posted by Lisa Pappas on

  5. [wcag2surpriserelease.php#comment9]

    Nice one Gez,

    I just hope that anyone visitors to your site who read this on the morning of April 1st have been back since to realise your joke *smile*

    Posted by Simon Carlisle on

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