Roberto Scano has written the first ever book on the accessibility of web applications.

Author: Gez Lemon

Accessibility of Web Applications

Roberto's book covers a wide range of topics to help developers of web applications ensure their applications are accessible. The book covers accessibility guidelines for authors (WCAG) 2, accessibility guidelines for authoring tools (ATAG) 2, accessibility guidelines for web application developers (WAI-ARIA), and much more, including guidance for multimedia used in Web Applications, such as Flash.

Contributors of the book include Oreste Signore, from the W3C Italian office, who provides the preface for the book, with Mike Paciello providing the introduction. T.V. Raman has a chapter describing in detail how web applications works, Charles Chen has a chapter on ARIA, and I have a chapter on Ajax, which covers notification techniques to supplement ARIA.

The book is in Italian, with an English version expected soon.

Category: Accessibility.


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