Author: Gez Lemon

A User-Centred Approach

A sensible user-centred approach to inclusive web design is essential for a successful website and to build trust from your visitors/clients. Sandi's article outlines 10 basic principles that all web developers, designers and marketing people should consider essential reading. The 10 principles are summarised below:

  1. Be equitable.
  2. Be flexible
  3. Be simple and intuitive
  4. Be perceptible
  5. Be informative
  6. Be preventative
  7. Be tolerant
  8. Be effortless
  9. Be accommodating
  10. Be consistent

Following these basic principles will result in accessible websites for all. These principles are explained in the article: The 10 principles of inclusive web design.

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  1. [principles_inclusive_web_design.php#comment3]

    Following these 10 principles almost makes us psychiatrists.

    Most of my clients always know better and it takes a lot of persuasiveness to convince them otherwise.
    Applying these principles will even take more time I guess, but would be a great solution!

    Posted by Case Stevens on

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