Over 100 bands have been playing around the world today, to raise support and awareness for aid to Africa.

Author: Gez Lemon

Group of Eight

Group of Eight

The Group of Eight (G8) consists of the world's most powerful nations along with the European Union, who discuss issues of global concern. The current eight leaders are:

Each year, the G8 have a political summit. This year, the political summit will be held in the UK on the 6th to 8th of July in Scotland, hosted by Tony Blair. One of the topics on this year's agenda is Aid to Africa.

The Poverty Gap

The gap between rich and poor countries has never been greater than it is today. Africa's debt burden is so great that there is no chance of recovery without help. We need to consider that centuries of unfair trade and manipulation of Africa have resulted in the state the continent is currently in. Between 30,000 and 50,000 people die every day because they don't have access to basic drugs that we can just walk into a pharmacy and get over the counter. Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers; these are real people dying because of a massive injustice that could finally be ended.

Live 8 Concerts

Concerts have been held in each of the G8 countries (Barrie, Berlin, Johannesburg, London, Moscow, Paris, Philadelphia, and Rome) to raise awareness of the issues, and demonstrate the public's support for aid to Africa. I was fortunate enough (old enough) to have seen the live aid concert twenty years ago, and have been watching the BBC's coverage of the concerts from around the world today. The UK show started with U2 and Paul McCartney singing Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which appropriately starts with the lyrics, well, it was 20 years ago today. U2 went on to deliver a fantastic show, followed by Coldplay, and many other great acts. I love music, and have been in my element watching some of the best acts from around the world show their support for a more than worthy cause. My favourite band of the moment is the anarchic Kaiser Chiefs, who played at Philadelphia. I saw it on TV, but would really loved to have been there to see that live.

Sign the Fucking Petition

Razorlight's Johnny Borrell urged everyone to, sign the fucking petition. The petition urges the leaders in G8 to take 3 steps to help end world poverty, and stop many thousands of people dying needlessly each day:

  1. Double the aid sent to the world's poorest countries
  2. Fully cancel their debts
  3. Change the trade laws so that they can build their own future

Over to you; if you haven't done so already, please sign the petition.

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  1. [live8.php#comment1]

    We've been listening to it all day over satellite radio, which is great because they will switch from one show to the next depending on which city has the "best" act on. Mostly Toronto though, here in the States. Roger Waters and Dave Gilmore together again, who would have guessed? ~d

    Posted by Douglas Clifton on

  2. [live8.php#comment2]

    Hi Doug,

    I ended up watching more from around the world after the UK show ended, and there were some really great acts.

    Roger Waters and Dave Gilmore together again, who would have guessed?

    I've never been a Pink Floyd follower, but they did a great set. Money was so appropriate, and sounded just as good without the till-ring *smile* The Who also did a great set, and played won't get fooled again. The best acts all used material that was appropriate for the occasion. As much as I loved it, as with the original Live Aid, I really hope that the respective governments get behind the people so that something like this isn't necessary again.

    Posted by Gez on

  3. [live8.php#comment3]

    What a great show it was, I stayed up quite late watching the American set too. The Kaiser Chiefs were great, I have heard them before, I think on Jules Holland. I would have loved to have seen the African kid's choir sing, I have heard they are awesome.

    The highlight of the show for me was the Stevie Wonder set. It was great to see him letting other performers join in on his songs, such an honor for them. He is the best example of a human being, always giving, and putting others first.

    I was disappointed that they only viewed one song of The Dave Mathews Band. It was good to see Floyd back again, not a big fan, but I am sure there were some very emotional Floyd fans. It was good to see that Robby Williams credit Midge Ure as no one else seem to acknowledge him, unless I missed it?

    Posted by Gaz on

  4. [live8.php#comment4]

    I missed Stevie Wonder's set, but would love to have seen it. Hopefullly they'll play the highlights on BBC 3 *smile*

    Posted by Gez on

  5. [live8.php#comment5]

    Hopefully it will do some good, did watch some of it on TV with Tony Wright of Terrorvision fame, at a friend's house as odd as it seems...

    Posted by Robert Wellock on

  6. [live8.php#comment6]


    I thought the Live 8 was great.

    But I read some sobering articles which suggested to me we have a long way to go. Those petitions are only one step it seems, and the G8 proposals also have a lot of spin to them:

    A look at the debt relief proposals from Jubilee 2000

    Will Make Poverty History actually make poverty history?

    A look at a number of G8 proposals and issues

    News coverage which includes third world perspectives:


    Posted by Juan Carlos on

  7. [live8.php#comment7]

    "But I read some sobering articles which suggested to me we have a long way to go."

    Long way to go sure it is important act quickly as thousands dies. Bush say america cannot help much as others because look after local interest true.

    Posted by Amnid on

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