Martin Kliehm has put together a proposal for an ARIA panel for South by Southwest (SXSW) - March 13-17, 2009 in Austin, Texas.

Author: Gez Lemon

Martin, Steve Faulkner, a developer from Mozilla/IBM and myself plan to hold a panel with hands-on examples of real world ARIA. The panel will include common design patterns, common gotchas, and general best practice for implementing ARIA.

ARIA is a positive and enabling technology. Rather than telling developers what they can't do, ARIA allows developers to create accessible web applications. What's more, it's easy. If you're interested in seeing our panel, vote using the SXSW Interactive panel picker before the 29th August. It's a great event, and we had a great time last year - hopefully, we'll get a chance to discuss ARIA with you at SXSW.

Category: Accessibility.


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