The Colour Contrast Analyser, Table Inspector, and Glossary of Terms Firefox extensions have all been updated to be compatible with Firefox version 3.

Author: Gez Lemon

Firefox 3 Extensions

Some time ago, I decided to host my Firefox extensions on Juicy Studio, as I found hosting and administrating the extensions through Mozilla's add-ons interface cumbersome, and unintuitive. Users are also expected to be signed up members of Mozilla add-ons to be able to download extensions, unless they have been reviewed by an expert user; in which case, anyone can download them.

With Firefox 3, extensions must come from a secure server, which I don't have, so I've been forced to revert back to using Mozilla's add-ons page. If you are a member, you can download the extensions now. If not, I've submitted extensions for review, but I've no idea when they will be available to the general public.

Category: Accessibility.


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