I have updated the accessibility extension to display all WAI-ARIA properties.

Author: Gez Lemon

ARIA Properties

I've added a function to the toolbar to display all ARIA roles and properties defined in a document. The properties are displayed in a new tab, along with the value of the property, the element the role is defined on, the parent nodes, and the markup fragment. The following is example output from running the function.

List of ARIA properties and their values, along with the parent nodes and markup fragment in a table.

The properties functionality is a catch-all to report all ARIA properties. The toolbar can highlight live regions, document landmark roles, and general roles individually.

Category: Accessibility.


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    I have been meaning to get around to learning aria. The toolbar has been useful to see at a glance how aria markup has been implemented. Thank you for making it.

    Posted by Simon Harper on

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