I was handed the book baton by Mike Cherim. I don't usually like memes, although I support their participation in supporting biological evolution. As I've been seriously ill over the weekend with a secret illness that I can't mention, I thought I'd go with this one.

Author: Gez Lemon



I was extremely fortunate, in that I was able to read 6 weeks before I was born. Unfortunately, complications during my birth meant that I'd forgotten most of what I'd learnt, and had to start again. As it turns out, the language that I had become fluent in turned out to be a dead language, and of little value in this life. Having already established a basic framework for understanding languages and communication patterns, I was easily able to read again by the time I was 38.

Books mean a lot to me, but not the physical article. I'm not precious about any of the books I own unless they were a gift, and have some sentimental value. I always used to put the books I'd read aside, and then donate them to the local hospital. Since moving to Wigan 6 years ago, they just seem to be building up. Because the physical book doesn't necessarily mean that much to me, quite a lot of the books I read through my early years were acquired from jumble sales, car boot sales, or anywhere else where a book typically cost less than £1.00.

Number of Books on Shelf

I've no idea, and couldn't guess. I have three bookcases downstairs, two upstairs, and several shelves around the house. There are also a few boxes of books in the loft that I keep meaning to take to the local hospital.

Last Book Purchased

"This Other Eden", by Ben Elton (ISBN: 0-552-77183-X)

Reading Right Now

It's probably more of a testament to my excellent disorganisation and poor planning skills that the book I'm currently reading is the last book I purchased. Every now and again I get ahead of myself, but not this time. "This Other Eden", by Ben Elton (ISBN: 0-552-77183-X)

Last Five Books Read

Books that Mean a Lot to Me

This is a difficult question, as quite a few books mean a lot to me for different reasons. The book that most caught my imagination as a kid was, "Dark Universe", by Daniel F. Galouye. I've no idea what the ISBN is for the book as I no longer have it, but I think I may buy it again as it's definitely a book I would like to re-read (if it's still in print).

Passing this Baton on to...

No one. The reason I dislike these memes is that they may put people in an awkward situation. I don't know anyone well enough to pass the meme onto without consideration of their current workload, what they think about memes, whether they're particularly interested in books, or causing them embarrassment by having to refuse. Rather than being a complete killjoy and ending my part of the meme, I thought I'd offer it to anyone that wants to run with it. If you have the time, inclination, and want to run with this meme, please do so, and leave a comment to that effect. If no one runs with it, at least no one was offended in the process. This approach is also more in keeping with natural selection in biology, so as a meme, should work well. If it deserves to live, it will; your choice.

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  1. [book-meme.php#comment1]

    Excellent, Gez. Love the six week before you were born thing *wink*

    I understand your point about memes. In the future I will reach out privately first. Please accept my apologies if I caught you off guard.

    I hope you get well soon.

    Posted by Mike Cherim on

  2. [book-meme.php#comment2]

    Hi Mike,

    Please accept my apologies if I caught you off guard.

    There's really no need to apologise, Mike. I wanted to post something a bit light-hearted, so I'm grateful you passed the baton to me.


    Posted by Gez on

  3. [book-meme.php#comment4]

    Quotation Ellie my then 4 yr old daughter when asked where her sister was...

    'Oh she's in the other room, with a book in her head like a worm.'

    Alex, the older one had read all of Dick King-Smith's books, and much else besides, by the age of 8.

    Posted by robert campbell on

  4. [book-meme.php#comment5]

    Anything by Edgar Allen Poe or Roald Dahl

    Posted by The Raven on

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