This year's @media conference has just been announced, and looks to be a great event. The topics this year include user-interface design, web standards, CSS, DOM scripting, and accessibility.

Author: Gez Lemon

Last year's @media event was definitely one of the highlights of my year. It was great to see so many leading experts in one place talking passionately about the Web, and spend time amongst like-minded people. Not only did I come away with great memories, I also left the event proud to call many people that I respect in this industry friends.

I'm delighted that this year I will be part of an accessibility panel discussing WCAG 2.0 with Andy Clarke, Patrick H. Lauke, and Ian Lloyd, all of whom I have the greatest respect for. I can't help feeling a bit intimidated, but I'm sure the panel will go down well with the delegates.

The keynote presentation this year will be delivered by Eric Meyer, followed by an impressive list of speakers over the two-day event (four days if you count the pre and post social parties). Last year's event sold out, so be sure to register early for this year's event. If you attended last year's event, you'll qualify for an early-bird discount if you register before the end of February.

@media 2006 takes place on the 15th and 16th of June, and I hope to see you there!

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    you're intimidated? heck, if anybody knows their WCAG inside out, it's you my friend. now, if you'll excuse me, i need to P.O.U.R. over the current 2.0 draft so i don't look like a completely clueless muppet come june time...

    Posted by patrick h. lauke on

  2. [atmedia-2006.php#comment2]

    i need to P.O.U.R. over the current 2.0 draft

    Nice pun *smile* I'd better get reading, too.

    Posted by Gez on

  3. [atmedia-2006.php#comment4]

    Noticed this on Andy Disleys site, congrats Gez you must be looking forward to it! *smile*

    Make sure you get those tight buggers to pay for your travel and hotel bill this time *wink*

    Posted by John Baxendale on

  4. [atmedia-2006.php#comment6]

    Hi John, Andrew

    I am looking forward to it, as it was really good last year. Will you be attending, John? Would be good to meet up if you are. It will be good to meet you Andrew, as I keep hearing your name mentioned around the office *smile*

    Posted by Gez on

  5. [atmedia-2006.php#comment7]

    I'll be there, and would be nice to meet you. Don't think Johns going to make it.

    Don't believe the bad things they say about me...

    Posted by Andrew Disley on

  6. [atmedia-2006.php#comment8]

    Unfortunately I don't think I will - not really in my line of work any more so I can't really justify it!

    You lot were always much better at it than me, best to leave it to the experts, I'll just keep fiddling in the backroom like a good little server troll *smile*

    One day I will get round to meeting up for a beer though... I know... I keep saying it... sheesh, it'll soon be christmas...

    Posted by John Baxendale on

  7. [atmedia-2006.php#comment9]

    Hi Gez

    Really Looking forward to it!

    I have just bought me ticket!

    I was gutted last year that I could not make it.

    If anyone is London based and would like to meet up this month for a coffee or a beer, the drop me a mail.

    Would be great to have met some of you in advance of the event.



    Posted by Ben on

  8. [atmedia-2006.php#comment10]

    I'm booked now, and I've got to say I'm particularly looking forward to the WCAG 2.0 panel hosted by people I respect (and apart from Andy) have already communicated with so I feel like I 'know'.

    I'm particularly intrigued to see if you still look like your photograph.

    Posted by JackP on

  9. [atmedia-2006.php#comment11]

    I'm particularly intrigued to see if you still look like your photograph.

    *chuckle* surprisingly, he does, but with less hair!

    (working with me does that to people...)

    Definitely not able to get down for the event but maybe next time!

    Posted by John Baxendale on

  10. [atmedia-2006.php#comment12]

    Andrew, I've only heard good things about you - looking forward to meeting you.

    Ben, don't forget there's a pre-party on the 14th, which should be really good for getting to know people.

    Jack, it will be good to meet you, too. I'd be surprised if you recognised me from my photograph; I had trouble getting through customs, as they didn't believe it was me.

    John, I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to make it, but that doesn't get you out of that beer - you owe me for the hair *smile*

    Posted by Gez on

  11. [atmedia-2006.php#comment13]

    Hey Gez

    Where is the pre-party?

    Would be great to do some pre-event networking (I will just have to make sure there is not too much booze involved as I want to be fresh for the event!)



    Posted by Ben Logan on

  12. [atmedia-2006.php#comment14]

    Hi Ben,

    I don't know the venue for the party, yet, but I'll post here as soon as I find out. I'm hoping there will be lots of booze *smile*


    Posted by Gez on

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