I shall keep this to a minimum, as I don't like loads of rules. The only thing I ask is that posters are courteous and considerate at all times. The comments are moderated, and any post found to be abusive will either be edited if there is any useful content, or deleted. Abuse includes posting obscene, libellous, defamatory, racist, or sexist messages. Messages that are off-topic will also be deleted.

Formatting Rules

Type your comment in plain text. Your message will be automatically formatted, and URIs will be converted to links if they are prefixed with http://.

To format quotes, use the delimiters [quote] [/quote] as in the following example.

This is a quote.

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Some markup.

HTML in Comments

The old comment system allowed comments to be written in HTML. I'm currently working on a script that alllows HTML comments, but ensures that the content is well-formed and adheres to the DOCTYPE. In the meantime, please enter your comments as plain text.

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